Wednesday, July 29, 2015

joke of the day

Dear Landscape Architect,

We notice that the trees in the rooftop garden start to tilt towards the sun. Why do the trees tilt towards the sun? Can you explain this?

Warmest regards,

A certain PM of a well known company

...duh... Somebody must have skipped his / her science class...

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Silly Things I've Done #7

*Entering my room, lights were off, a sign that says my sister was sleeping / in the process of sleeping.

Suddenly, I saw movements in front of our wardrobe mirror. A dark figure with long hair dangling around her face was crawling in front of the mirror.

I was stunned, thought that Sadako appeared. I almost screamed. Almost. Luckily.

What stopped me from screaming was the realisation that this 'Sadako' was crouching over her mobile phone checking for updates.

D*** it, I hate my sister when she does that...

Monday, September 15, 2014

Girls, Can You Relate to This?

I certainly can.

Oh, there's the guys' version too.

Silly Things I've Done #6

At nearby McDonald outlet

Me: "Can I have McChicken Wings meal, please?"
Cashier: "Sure. What would you like to drink?"
Me: "Sprite, please."
Cashier: "Do you want to upsize?"
Me: "No."
Cashier: "OK. Eat here or take away?"
Me: "Take away. Can I change the fries to seaweed shaker fries?"
Cashier: "I'm sorry, no.. If you want it, you have to @#$!@##$&*"
Me: (Thinking that @#$!@##$&* was spoken in Chinese) "I'm sorry, can you speak in English?"
Cashier: "I AM speaking English. I was saying, if you want the shaker fries, you have to upsize your meal. Do you understand what I'm saying?"
Me: "Perfectly clear, Sir."
(Drat, I shouldn't eat that muscle relaxant pill and going around talking to people...)

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Guys and Girls in Love

It's not easy for a girl. It's not easy for a guy too.

Guys, I know how hard it is for you. You have to be the one chasing after the girl and put all the efforts to get your love. Even when you're not sure what the result may be. But remember, whether you're successful or not, it takes two sides to decide. You need an opponent in the game. Without her, you'll be playing alone and it's just ridiculous to play alone. So, be mindful of what she's going through.

Girls, I know how hard it is for you. I AM a girl too. I know how annoying it is when a guy keeps saying how nice it is to be a girl because all she has to do is to accept or reject. Decision making is never an easy thing to do. I'm sure you guys understand. So, girls, don't blindly decide. You have to see and respect the efforts the guys are making.

So, guys and girls, always be mindful of what you say. You don't know what the others are going through. Even though you just want to joke about it. Even jokes can lose its wittiness if it's said too many times.

Always respect others.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Celebrities doppelgänger #2

Ha, and it was only yesterday I thought I wouldn't find another celebrities doppelgänger. Here is an additional pair I've just remembered. Please welcome, our first Indonesian celebrity doppelgänger!
Marcell Siahaan - John Legend

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Celebrities doppelgänger #1

After watching numerous movies, series and dramas, I found that some celebrities have doppelgänger! To me, they really look alike. Here are some of them I managed to find so far.
Takuya Kimura - Won Bin
Ye Ji-won - Kim Sun-ah
Isla Fisher - Amy Adams
Dominic Purcell - Nick Lachey
Yoon Eun-hye - Jung So-min
Son Ye-jin - Kim So-hyun
What do you think? Well, the Koreans probably look like each other because of the plastic surgeries which they might have gone through.

Maybe I'll post more photos if I encounter more celebrities doppelgängers.